Charity of the Month


The story of the Lighthouse Rescue mission began in 2004 as a group of passionate volunteers and a collection of local churches sought a solution to the homeless issue in Tulare. They’ve established a men’s and women’s program which focuses on the three functional aspects of Christian recovery and hope: 1) Safe places to call home; 2) Positive, Purposeful activities during the day; and 3) A peer-support community. They also have a thrift store “Lighthouse Thrift” which aids in furthering the ministry to the homeless in Tulare by providing income for Tulare Lighthouse, job training for some of the shelter residents and, as always, clothing to those in need. Along with temporary housing, the shelter provides connections to community resources, parenting classes and Bible studies and tutoring for the children. There may not be an easy answer to resolve the needs of the homeless in our city but, through the continued support of our community and trust in God we are excited about what comes next. If you like to find out more about the Tulare Lighthouse Rescue Mission them at

Their mission statement: “We embrace the poor and homeless with the compassion of Jesus Christ, as a beacon hope and healing for a changed life, helping them to find their way home”