Fall Sharathon 2017

We each have our seasons of pain, loneliness, and struggles. The ideal life isn’t about smooth sailing, it’s about coming through storms knowing and trusting that these storms make us stronger. It’s also about sharing what we’ve learned–encouraging others in this special way.

Here is Lavonne’s story as she shared it with us on Facebook:

“In a dark time for me, my best friend suggested I listen to praise music. I turned on my radio a few days later, turned the tuner and the first station that came in without static was The Promise. That was about a month and a half ago and I’m so in love with the Promise. It opened a whole new world to me and is such a blessing. The music is so uplifting and positive, so glorifying to our God. I’m so thankful to have tuned in to this awesome radio programming. I love it!”

When you support The Promise 89.7FM, you are sharing your story with others and you are encouraging others to remain strong; to not give up and to turn to God no matter what the challenge.

Your donation speaks to others through music. It speaks to others through kind words and in the truth of God’s word. Really, it’s like you are on air with us because all you have learned about standing strong in God’s love is shared and received by thousands of individuals every week through the Promise. Your prayers and financial support makes it possible. You are making it happen.

Together, we can accomplish our goal; together, we can make a difference. Would you please once again step forward with a gift of $30, $40 or $100 monthly? Or perhaps its a  gift that we cannot even imagine. The gift God puts on your heart.

Our Fall Fundraiser is underway and we invite your participation, and thank you for stepping forward with a generous heart – it’s easy to GIVE TODAY.

Your gift allows The Promise 89.7 FM to be heard 24/7–anytime, anywhere–and that truly changes lives. Your gift is meaningful and is needed.


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