Nominate A Police Officer

You Can Help Fill an Empty Tank.

Nominate a frontline worker to receive our Dates to Remember box.

You likely know a first responder, teacher, or frontline worker who’s been putting in the extra miles, hours, and risk—often at the cost of time with their spouse.

With that in mind, we created Dates to Remember—three you’ve-got-this nights (or even a weekend away) that get couples really talking, refueling their relationship.

We’ve packed experience from 40 years of Weekend to Remember® marriage getaways into this little box. Rather than faking the fun, these moments help an exhausted relationship get somewhere.

Do you know a first responder or frontline worker who could use the opportunity to connect?

Fill out the form below to nominate them to receive Dates to Remember.
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What’s it like?

Your box arrives complete with engaging videos, activities to help you understand each other, and marriage tools to work true connection back into date night.

Each easy-to-follow moment includes time to:

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