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During August 1st and 2nd, The Promise FM will be pairing with TWR as they strive to raise money for a new transmitter  for West Africa.

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What is TWR?

Leading people from doubt to decision to discipleship

Speaking fluently in more than 230 languages and dialects, TWR exists to reach the world for Jesus Christ. Our global media outreach engages millions in 190 countries with biblical truth. Since 1952, God has enabled TWR to help lead people from doubt to decision to discipleship.

Together with international partners, local churches and other ministries, TWR provides relevant programming, discipleship resources and dedicated workers to spread hope to individuals and communities around the globe. Whether using high-powered radio to reach people in the Middle East and Latin America, streaming content to Internet users in Asia and Europe or visiting face-to-face with listeners in Africa, TWR leaves a lasting spiritual footprint.

Our Calling

To reach the world for Christ by mass media so that lasting fruit is produced

Mission Statement

To assist the church to fulfill the command of Jesus Christ to make disciples of all peoples by using and making available mass media to:

  1. Proclaim the Gospel of salvation to as many people as possible,
  2. Instruct believers in biblical doctrine and daily Christ-like living,
  3. Model our message through our corporate and cooperative relationships.


Fast facts about TWR

Africa’s Preferred Means of Entertainment & Information

Radio is cheap and affordable.  Fulani herdsmen grazing their cattle are always holding a radio close to their ears listening to news in their native Hausa language.

Radio is convenient and easy to use anytime any day.  And it requires no data or electricity unlike the internet.  Some parts of rural Nigeria do not have internet coverage yet.

Radio preserves linguistic culture.  Some people are fast forgetting their language, but with the help of radio, some programs are being anchored on local languages or pidgin that makes it easier for them to understand.

Although Nigerians treasure education, there are still many who are very poor and do not have access to education.  Radio, because it is affordable, is the perfect tool to use for those who cannot read or write.


Divine Power for Nigeria (the business plan)

A Second Transmitter for West Africa

For the past decade, TWR has been broad-casting the life-giving gospel and in-depth teaching from God’s Word in West Africa, now in 24 languages. Testimonies have poured in from those who have finally found the truth or from those who have been strengthened in very difficult circumstances. But West Africa is home to hundreds of un-reached people groups, many of them Muslims, and the region is becoming a sanctuary for extremists. TWR is launching the installation of a second AM transmitter to double our broadcast power, hours on the air, and number of languages. The 182 million people of Nigeria are the focus of this second transmitter, along with expanding coverage to the surrounding countries.


With the rapid expansion of Islam in Africa, there is an urgent need to broadcast more discipleship programs to strengthen the Church in Nigeria and to air more programs for Muslim audiences. TWR has a verbal commitment from the government of our West Africa Transmitting Station (WATS) to grant us a second AM license, and we are awaiting completion of the official process. TWR plans to upgrade the station and install a second transmitter at 200,000 watts of broadcast power on the 1476 KHz frequency. With the added broadcast power and hours of airtime, we will develop new language programs for Nigeria and the surrounding countries of Cameroon, Benin, and Niger.

Completion of the new transmitter installation will pave the way for development of a national partner in Nigeria within the next few years. By working with local churches in Nigeria through the national partner, TWR will be able to follow up our listeners more closely and develop financial and human resources within the country.

Nigeria has been named the “world’s most dangerous place for Christians,” by a U.S. House of Representatives subcommittee, according to International Christian Concern. [An Islamic terror group] kills Christians, pressures them to renounce their faith, and burns churches, according to reports. “Impunity for those responsible for the killing of Christians seems to be widespread,” says U.S. Rep. Christopher Smith. A Nigerian official says that insurgents there have killed nearly 100,000 people over the past several years and that more than 2 million have been displaced within the country as of December 2016.

Please pray for an end to the fighting, for safety for Christians and other innocents caught in the crossfire, and for provision for the displaced, as well as the widowed and orphaned.

Reprinted with permission from Samaritan Ministries Prayer Guide, April 2017

The Way of Righteousness

The Way of Righteousness is just one example of TWR’s outreach to the Muslim people groups of West Africa. This program of 100 15-minute episodes addresses the most important question that has ever been asked: “How can a man be righteous before God?” (Job 9:2). Its first translation was the Wolof language of Senegal, West Africa, and today the program exists in about 15 languages, including three new translations for Nigeria: Hausa, Fulfulde, and Kanuri. This radio series chronologically presents the stories of the biblical prophets and their messages from God. Based on past feedback from Nigeria, we are certain that with these three new languages, many more will hear the gospel, as this listener wrote to us: “We who are in the north of Nigeria are privileged to have God’s message through your radio programs. Indeed your labor is not in vain.”

More About Nigeria from Operation World

Nigeria has the largest population of any African country and has the seventh largest population in the world—182 million people. Over 500 languages are spoken in Nigeria with 21 considered major languages. Here are two sobering quotes from prayer guide Operation World:

“Nigeria is constitutionally a secular state with freedom of religion. But the northern ruling elite give preferential treatment to Muslims and discriminate against Christians. Little has been done to stem the growth of violent Islamist groups or to stop persecution of Christians in the north, resulting in hundreds of churches burned and many Christians killed. Since 1999, Muslim state leaders have imposed shari’a law in nine northern states and parts of four others.”

“The scale of corruption in Nigeria is staggering. It is widely regarded as one of the world’s most corrupt societies and is infamous for e-mail scams, international crime, and drug-running. Graft, bribery, and embezzlement are commonplace at every level of society. Since the 1960s, over $400 billion has been lost through corruption, almost all to the very people entrusted with the nation’s steward-ship. Politicians, bankers, police, military, even religious leaders have all been found guilty. Corruption is not even discouraged by either a strong Christian presence or shari’a law; it appears to be more deep-seated than both of these.”

Project Plan:  Two Phases

Phase One will be an upgrade of the West Africa Transmitting Station to enhance our current ministry and plan for greater broadcast capacity.  Phase Two will be shipping and installing the transmitter.

The broadcast schedule will be split so that the new, second transmitter will be dedicated to the languages spoken in Nigeria, Benin, Niger, and Cameroon to the east of WATS, while the current transmitter will air the languages spoken in the countries to the west of WATS.


Operation World indicates there might be as many as 20 million Christians in Nigeria, but the well-known phrase describing the Church in Africa as “a mile wide and an inch deep” holds true in Nigeria and in West Africa in general. There is an ongoing call from local churches and mission organizations to keep expanding the in-depth, discipleship teaching from God’s Word, especially in rural areas that are not reached by the FM stations of the larger cities. For the unreached people groups of West Africa that number in the hundreds, many of them are Muslims to whom we will air existing and expanded evangelistic programming.  In West and Central Africa, about 70 percent of the population is rural, and radio is still the most-used form of media in rural homes.

Priority Programming

Priority Languages

Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, Ful-fulde, Kanuri, Ijaw, Pidgin English, Tiv, Ibibio, Edo, Kenuzi, Nupe

Languages currently being aired on our 100,000 watt transmitter

Yoruba – 40 million speakers with programs including Thru the Bible, Life Word, Yoruba Salvation & Evangelism Program

Igbo – 34 million speaker with programs including Life Word and Turning Point

Hausa – 30.2 million speakers with programs including Thru the Bible, Hope for Today, Haskin Rai, In Touch, The Prophets, Life Word, The Way of Righteousness, Hausa Salvation & Evangelism Program

Fulfulde – 15.3 million speakers with programs including Fulfulde Salvation & Evangelism Program, The Word Today, The Way of Righteousness, News of New Life, One Story

Kanuri – 10 million speakers with programs including Kanuri Salvation & Evangelism Program and One Story

African English – programs including The Way of Truth, The Way of Righteousness, The Word Today, Making Your Life Count, Transform Your City, Reaching Your World