Kylee Robinson

God knew I was going to serve the Promise FM long before I ever considered walking through the studio doors. It’s true when they say God’s got a purpose for you, even when you don’t know it or feel it. You may also hear me refer to myself on air as DJ Q, where “Q” has been my lifelong nickname. I’ve been beyond blessed to work with such wonderful people at the Promise and share experiences with so many about Jesus’ love and how He works around us every day. My Saturday night shows ask our listeners to share where they saw Jesus during the week because if you’re listening and watching you’ll find He’s a lot more present than you ever imagined, and you could even be the reason someone sees Jesus.

I’m an avid community theater junkie. In 2018 I performed in five shows and I’m slated to direct my first show in Spring 2020. I’m a strong believer in finding personal growth and strength — whether on-stage or behind the scenes — and encouraging others to challenge themselves through theater as well. I’m a Tulare County local so my favorite theaters to perform with are the Enchanted Playhouse Theater Company in Visalia and Encore Theater Company in Tulare, although I commute to the Kings Players in Hanford quite often too.

If I’m not auditioning for a new show or writing my next masterpiece, you can guess I’ll either be shredding on my snowboard, cooking up a storm in my kitchen, or slaying in my video games. I’m married to my hero, Andrew, and we have two fur babies. My favorite verse in the Bible that has helped me through my depression and anxiety is Psalm 87: 6, 7 which says, “Give ear, Lord, to my prayer, and listen to my cry for mercy. When I’m troubled I call upon you, for you will answer me.”

Tell me where you saw Jesus every week via e-mail at