Financial Information

Our Guidelines for Fund-Raising and Financial Management

Harvest Broadcasting Co. Inc., doing business as the Promise FM has Guidelines for Fund-Raising and Financial Management of our ministry.

We believe that the way an organization handles its finances is a reflection of its integrity in every arena. Therefore, we have established strict limitations on the way our resources are used.

Here are the fund-raising policies that govern this ministry:

This ministry belongs to God!

The Lord has apparently chosen to place His mantle of approval on the ministry of Harvest Broadcasting Company Inc. – the Promise FM. Nevertheless, He gives and sometimes takes away.

If He ever closes the doors to this work, we will accept His leadings and yield the outcome to Him.

Until then, we will devote every ounce of energy to the task at hand.

One of the ways we can discern the Lord’s will regarding the continuation of our work is through the support He sends (or doesn’t send) from His people. Therefore, during lean times we will make our obligations known to our friends-but we will not squirm, scratch or claw for contributions. We will never resort to what we consider to be disrespectful and dishonorable methods of fund-raising, even when the needs are serious.

We will ask people not to support Harvest Broadcasting Company Inc. – Promise FM until their obligations to the local church have been met. It is the first line of defense for the family.

We will not operate the ministry at a deficit. Although from time to time it is necessary to borrow funds for large capital expenditures, such as for a new building, we will repay the loans as soon as possible.

We consider the contributions we receive to be “blood money”- sent from loving people who have sacrificed to make their gifts possible. Our obligation, therefore, is to spend that money conservatively and wisely in continuing the ministry. Every penny is stretched as far as possible to serve the needs of those who listen.

We will receipt all donations, showing the fair market value of any materials requested and sent, in order to help contributors determine the tax-deductible portion of their gifts. (The Internal Revenue Code permits donors to deduct the amount they give to Harvest Broadcasting Company Inc. – the Promise FM in excess of the value of materials received from the organization.)

When we make a purchase, we will pay the invoice within 30 days, if possible.

We do not intend to use the vendor’s money.

We will not try to raise more money than we need.

We will never sell or rent our mailing list to those wishing to use the names and addresses of our supporters. We will maintain the tightest security on our list of friends and supporters.

To summarize, we will try to remember always that Jesus Christ is our possessor and our dispossessor.

He ordained and blessed this ministry. It belongs entirely to Him!